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The First and the Last HPs

(since April 22, 1997)

Last Update: August 14, 2021 -- THE HP REFERENCE

Here's a picture of the first 11 HP calculators that I collected. The HP-35 and HP-25 got me through college. I bought both of them used from college buddies. My collection remained static for many years till one day I discovered THE POWER of the Internet. If you have any of the models listed below that you would like to find a good home for, please feel free to contact me: Rick Furr (

First HP

25 25C
12C 16C
Wand 11C 15C
35 45 41C 20S 32S


Here are the last few HPs I need for my collection.

Unfortunately I'm too poor to afford a number of these final models but if you should have a ruff or nonfunctional unit I would love to have it for at least a place holder. Otherwise I will have to rely on a lucky find in a flea mart or garage sell!

If you should have a duplicate or unwanted HP, at an affordable price, be assured I would make a fine home for it.

The Last Ones I Need

Help Me Complete My HP Set!

1 HP 01
I'll never find this one!
2 35 type 1
(The famous Red dot)
-- 80 type 1 (no "80" on label)
(arrived 12/31/05) - thanks Barry!
3 70
(arrived 1/16/06) - thanks Tom!
(I still need a working model)

4 91
-- 27A
(arrived 8/04/97) - thanks Enrico!
(I still need a working model)

(fixed 3/09/98) The third operation is the charm -- It works now!
5 10A
(arrived 4/16/06) - thanks Daniel!
(I still need a working model)

6 92
7 19C
(arrived 7/30/98) - thanks Louis!
(I still need a working model)

-- 10C
(arrived 8/24/04) - thanks Mahmut
display broken
(repaired 10/31/04) - thanks Mike Z! (for the display)
-- 75C
(arrived 7/25/98) - thanks Owen!
8 41CX
(arrived 4/30/96) - thanks Jeff!
(I still need a working model)

-- 19B
(arrived 5/27/97) - thanks Louis!
-- 27S
(arrived 5/17/97) - thanks Walter!
-- 21S
(arrived 9/13/99) - thanks Richard!
-- 10B
(arrived 11/12/97) - thanks Donald!
-- 17BII
(arrived 1/16/98) - thanks Roger!
-- 19BII
(arrived 2/23/98) - thanks Jan!
-- 48SX
(arrived 11/13/04) - thanks dipjoseph!
-- 48GX
-- 38G
(arrived 10/13/00) - thanks Bob!
-- 17BII+
-- 48GII
-- 49G+
-- 39G+
-- 39GS
-- HP 12c Platinum 25th Anniversary
-- 50G
10 HP-15c Gen2
11 CalcPad 100
This is a rare beast that nobody wants!
12 HP Prime

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