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(since April 22, 1997)

Last Update: August 18, 2021 -- THE CURTA REFERENCE

TI Calculator History

TI Calculator History is a list of the early LED based calculators from 1972 to 1980.

Newer TI Calculators

Newer TI Calculators is a list of all of newer TI calculators from 1981-2004. It's amazing how many calculators that TI has made. I don't think TI even knows how many different models they have made!

TI Calculator Accuracy

TI Calculator Accuracy is a discussion of algorithm errors that were present in early TI Calculators.

TI Electronic Games

TI Electronic Games is a list of most of the electronic games and toys made by TI.

TI Articles

The TI Articles page is where you will find interesting articles written about the TI calculators.

The Last TIs

Here are some TIs I need for my TI collection.

Collecting TI calculators is fun because they are so inexpensive, the hard part is trying to identify all of the different models that TI has made!

If you should have a duplicate, at an affordable price, be assured I would make a fine home for it.

Rick Furr (
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